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Website Design Trends to Consider Implementing in 2019 and 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

With trends constantly changing and innovative ideas popping up, it’s a super exciting time to be a website designer. 

Here are some website design trends you might want to consider implementing this year or next. 

Bright Color Palettes 

It seems like the trend of using muted, toned-down colors is no more. Which is great, because we want our clients to be bold and stand out! 

Now more than ever, companies are experimenting with color. By using bright palettes, it’s more likely you’ll grab your users attention. Don’t be afraid to use color!

Video Content

If you aren’t already using video content on your website, it’s about time to start. Videos are great because they’re an easy, effective way to help your customers understand how your products or services work. 


Minimalism is one of the hardest layouts to perfect, but if done correctly is super effective. Having minimal information on your website shows your users exactly what they’re looking for and makes it easier to navigate. 

Sometimes less is more!  

Mobile Friendly 

Believe it or not, many website pages are still not optimized for mobile browsing. It is crucial to make sure your website is mobile friendly. Over 50% of website browsing is done on mobile!

To Conclude

These trends are just the tip of the iceberg. With ever-changing ideas, there’s always a new way to freshen up your web page. Fortunately for you, Nava Consulting are experts on website design trends and can help you come up with the perfect website design!

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