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Social Media Holiday Strategy

It's the holiday season which means there's so much opportunity to use social media to drive engagement. Here are 3 strategy tips!

1 - In order to capitalize on all social media opportunities this holiday season, have a social media calendar ready. This calendar should include:

Date and time

Content copy

Photo, video, etc.

2 - One of the most reliable ways to engage with customers during the holiday season is through hashtags campaigns. Consider your brand identity and come up with a cute, fun hashtag for users to use. It's a create way to promote sharing and increase brand awareness.

3 - Hosting a giveaway or content is one of the top strategies for the holiday season. It's already the season of giving, so why not participate? Be sure to make the prize enticing and to present rules that benefit your business, like sharing, liking and tagging the post.

If you don't already have your holiday strategy ready, we hope this helps. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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