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Instagram is Now Hiding Likes

Instagram is now hiding likes in the United States and it is a big deal! Users will still be able to see their personal likes, but their followers will not. But why? And what will be the impact? Let's dive in. 


Instagram is making an effort to make the platform a safer and healthier place. The goal is to improve mental health and to combat some of the negative outcomes of social media. 

How Will This Effect Business? 

This update could greatly impact influencers and businesses. For one, it could make it more difficult for brands to find the right influencers to work with online. But, it is likely that influencers will now have more freedom to post creatively and the content that they want! 

On the other hand, businesses will have to be more careful and specific about what content is driving the business, because likes will no longer be an indicator. Analyzing, click through rates, website link clicks and other data will be crucial. 

What do you think about Instagram hiding likes? Let us know in the comments!

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