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How to Plan an Instagram Stories Campaign

Thinking about running an IG Story campaign, but not sure how? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve created a 4 step process to help you get started!

1 - Define Your Campaign Goal

Your goal will place a huge impact on what type of campaign you run, so it’s important to spend time a break down what you’re really trying to achieve. To get started, ask yourself these questions: 

Do I want to collect emails? 

Am I seeking more lead generation?

Do I want to engage more with my followers?

2 - Set a Timeline 

Is your campaign a real-time campaign, or planned? Once you figure that out, you must figure out your laugh timeline. Here are some steps: 

Pre-campaign: Tease or promote the campaign BEFORE the launch. 

Launch day: Content for the launch.

Post-campaign: Keep the conversation going. (Post user-generated content, or customer reviews)

3 - Create Your Campaign Story Board

Creating your story board is basically pre-creating the slides or stories you are going to post on campaign launch day. By pre-creating these slides, you are completely prepared for the day of, and have the liberty of creating and playing with different designs to see what works!

4 - Schedule Your Campaign

Once you have the design and slides for all aspects of your campaign, go ahead and schedule it. Scheduling it takes away the hassle of rushing to post day of!

We hope these tips help. 

Did we leave anything out? Leave a comment below.

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