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Hacking The Instagram Algorithm In 2020

Ever since the instagram algorithm changed from chronological to, “the users moments they cared about,” according to Instagram in 2016, for small businesses and regular users it has become harder and harder to find traffic that actually sticks. What Instagram means when they say, “moments the users care about,” is posts that they would most likely engage with or that the user hopes to see on their page.

hacking the instagram algorithm

The Instagram algorithm changes each and every day, learning more and more about you and I, which is why hacking the Instagram algorithm is crucial today. Or in other words, knowing how to make the algorithm work for you and not against you!

When broken down, the steps to maximize the usage of the Instagram algorithm are quite simple concepts. Instagram has decided that in 2020 specifically, the algorithm will be focusing on engagement, frequency, and communication. Not just singling one out, but a mixture of the three.

When taking a closer look, engagement means that you need an audience that not only looks at your posts, but an audience that will interact with your content. Your engagement is measured by the number of people who see your post, divided by the people who actually like/comment/share your post. You want real, active followers on your feed - they will be the ones to boost your engagement!

A consistent page, is a page that will do well up against the Instagram algorithm. Today, Instagram looks for frequency and consistency. The algorithm looks for pages that have many posts, with high engagement. Not just one post that really just stood out. Be consistent and post frequently, keeping your followers on the look out for your next best content!

hacking the instagram algorithm in 2020

Lastly, communication within your personal Instagram community plays a large part of hacking the algorithm. Instagram pays close attention to if you are an engaged follower. Do you comment back to your followers? Do you give out likes on your feed? Are you active and engaged? Be mindful of your personal engagement and remember to communicate with your followers and audience!

Hacking the Instagram algorithm isn‘t as complicated as some of us make it seem. There are really only a few things you really have to focus on, in order to meet growth and success on your Instagram page! Some other good tools are hashtags, Instagram stories, and the overall aesthetic of your instagram page. Pairing these things with engagement, frequency, and communication - you will begin to see a huge difference in your traffic, and traffic that actually sticks. These small hacks can elevate your Instagram experience and lead you to finally hacking the Instagram Algorithm!

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