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COVID’s Impact on Social Media Marketing and How to Adapt

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses didn’t understand the value of social media marketing and how it could improve their customer base, build brand loyalty, and increase brand awareness. However, the pandemic had a significant impact on the lives and needs of consumers, pushing many consumers towards online shopping, research, and social media influencers. These fundamental changes shook up the demand and benefits of an effective social media strategy.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at how COVID-19 has impacted social media marketing and what your business can do to adapt to and benefit from these changes.

4 COVID-19 Consumer Changes Impacting Social Media Marketing

Here are four COVID-19 consumer changes that are currently impacting social media marketing strategies.

1. Consumers are Spending More Time on Social Media

The COVID-19 pandemic had more people spending time at home than ever before. As a result, the use of social media platforms exploded. Before the pandemic, there were around 3.4 billion active social media users worldwide. However, those numbers only increased amidst lockdowns, remote employment, and social distancing.

2. Consumers Are Engaging More With Online Advertisements

Since consumers spend so much more time online, they’re more likely to view and engage with online advertisements through social media. This has resulted in increased benefits to an effective social media plan across all platforms.

3. Consumers Are Tuning in to Social Media Influencers

In addition to increased social media use, many users have turned towards watching content from social media influencers. As a result, businesses are uniquely positioned to further their brand awareness and broaden their targeted audience through these influencers.

4. More Consumers are Shopping Online and Using Delivery Services

The pandemic shook up nearly every industry in America. Business closures, quarantines, lockdowns, and other factors caused more consumers to begin shopping online and using delivery services instead of dining in to reduce the spread of COVID-19. That’s unlikely to change significantly going forward, making it imperative that businesses adapt to these changes to continue to thrive.

4 Ways to Successfully Adapt Your Marketing Strategy Following the COVID Pandemic

Adaptability is a key component of any successful business. Your customers are the backbone of your company, and consumer trends are vital to that success. Here are four ways to successfully adapt your marketing strategy following changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Step Up Your Social Media Strategy

If your business does not have a strong online presence, it may be time to rethink your social media plan. Social media marketing provides many benefits, including increased brand loyalty, increased online traffic, better business-to-customer relationships, and higher conversion rates. Social media platforms provide you with the opportunity to advertise your products and services, promote your ideas, and build your relationship with your customers. There’s simply no reason not to develop a social media plan.

2. Make Use of Organic Content and Ads Across All Your Social Media Platforms

Using compelling organic content on your social media platforms can improve customer engagement with more likes, shares, and clicks. Your social media posts and advertisements should all be relevant to your business and target audience.

3. Consider Partnering With Relevant Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers can increase your brand awareness and broaden your customer base and loyalty. These influencers can add value to the products and services that you offer and may even sway some on-the-fence customers.

4. Hire an Effective Social Media Management Team

There are right and wrong ways to develop and execute a social media plan. While you may be perfectly capable of creating your own social media strategy, there are likely many other tasks that you need to complete for your business. Hiring a social media management team is a fantastic way to free up your time while taking advantage of the benefits of social media marketing.

The Bottom Line

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the needs of consumers for the foreseeable future. Businesses with a robust online presence and an effective social media plan can adapt to and benefit from these changes.

Social media marketing is crucial to building the online presence and brand loyalty of your business. Connect with us today to learn how we can help you design and execute a successful social media plan best suited for your business.

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